Repair portfolio, history & philosophy

RegenTech began as a service company, providing professional component-based repair services. Initially focused on the telecommunications operators, RegenTech quickly attracted customers from other industrial sectors: solar, oil & gas, entertainment, utilities and public transport.
Our multivendor repair portfolio includes Radio Access Network equipment (Base Stations + BSC/RNC), RET, microwave & optical transport, controllers for air handling systems and a complete range of electric power units, such as rectifiers of various voltages, inverters, smart bypasses, UPS and other DC & AC solutions. Both current and legacy products are supported. The total yearly turnover of the repaired units  has exceeded 20 000 pcs.

RegenTech's highly trained in-house engineering staff is equipped with the modern electronic test and diagnostic equipment. We also carry a stock of the most popular units for advance replacement.
  • Cost effeciency
    OPEX saving for fixed and mobile operators is our core value. Our services provide million-level optimisations for our customers.
  • Speed of service
    We have optimized the complete chain of service delivery to fulfill the most demanding turnaround time clauses.
  • Personalized services
    We are flexible in our approach: each customer demand is attended, meaning tailor-made approach to your existing processes.
  • Warranty
    We value reliability. All repaired equipment carries our standard 6-months warranty, which can be extended on request.
Company ethos
We believe that the best way to grow the business is to provide the first class levels of service. RegenTech has evolved into a company that does more than merely repair.
Put simply, we'll tailor our service to meet and even exceed customers' requirements to empower the efficiency of their operations.
Provide spares or install equipment, collect / deliver using our own transport, perform advanced swap-outs for critical cases - those are just a few additional angles of our extensive repair offering.
Mission Statement
Deliver repair, refurbishment and other agreed services on time, strictly within the budget with the highest levels of quality.